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"Intensive lifestyle intervention helps high risk men"

from Examiner

There have been increasing initiatives to help educate the public about the vital significance of healthy lifestyles for good overall health. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention writes that the significance of good nutrition and physical activity to reduce rates of disease and death from chronic diseases has been well established. It has been found that poor diet and physical inactivity cause 310,000 to 580,000 deaths per year and are primary contributors to disabilities which result from diabetes, osteoporosis obesity and stroke.

A new study has showed that intensive lifestyle intervention improved several diabetic and cardiovascular risk factors in men who were at high-risk. Researchers reported visceral adiposity decreased by 26 pecent and cardiorespiratory fitness improved by 20 percent in viscerally obese men, after one year of a diet and physical activity intervention. Furthermore, glucose tolerance improved, independent of changes in adiposity. In this study the lifestyle intervention included diet modification along with physical activity counseling every two weeks for the first four months, and then monthly.

The nutritional counseling was personally adapted in order to elicit a 500-kcal daily energy de?cit, with less than 30 percent of kilocalories coming from lipids, which were preferably unsaturated. Oral glucose tolerance tests and oral lipid tolerance tests were performed at baseline and again at pne year. The results showed that fasting free fatty acids (FFAs) and concentrations after the oral glucose load were significantly lower at one year, in spite of decreased plasma insulin concentration. The researchers wrote, "Thus, lower concentrations of plasma insulin were better able to modulate plasma FFA concentrations, suggesting an improvement in insulin sensitivity of lipolysis."

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